Here at Acura by Executive, it’s easy to find the perfect new or pre-owned luxury vehicle. What separates us from other dealerships is that we’re also committed to helping you take care of your car for years to come. That’s why we’re also a service center and a collision center. The mechanics at these facilities have different specialties, so let’s take a look at what each can do and how these facilities differ.

Our Acura service center is mostly here to help you with vehicle maintenance. If you’ve seen your check engine light go on, this is probably the place that you need to visit. The technicians at our service center can change your oil, install a new engine air filter, or perform a tire rotation. Essentially, if it keeps your car running smoothly and extends the life of your vehicle, it’s a procedure that our Acura service center can handle.

Our Acura collision center is here to assist you after an accident. Collisions can all sorts of damage, but the experts at our collision center can make your car look like it’s brand new. If you’re in need of a new bumper, we’ve got it. If a body panel has been damaged, we’ll fix it. We’ll even replace glass and touch up the paint on your vehicle. Whether you were in a serious collision or just a fender bender, we’re ready to help. Cars are complex, but together the technicians at our service center and the ones at our collision center can handle all of your automotive needs.

When you’re looking for automotive experts that have your back, visit our Acura dealership near Wallingford, CT. Our expert mechanics have the skills needed to get your car running and looking like the day you bought it. We hope to see you soon!